Meet me at the Four Seasons

The media have pretty much ignored Trump today. I wish they’d started that a few years ago. Did you see that they confused Four Seasons Total Landscaping with the Four Seasons Hotel? So this afternoon Giuliani was making a speech in a cramped outdoor atelier in a Philadelphia warehouse district.

Rudy Giuliani reveals the latest hoax at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Philadelphia.

I can’t help finding hilarity in a major fuck-up by people who are so busy trying to convince us that the election outcome is yet another hoax.

Satellite view of Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Google Maps.

It’s appalling how Trump squandered his presidency with name-calling on Twitter and promoting “hoaxes” & other conspiracy theories spawned on QAnon web sites👌or in the bowels of GRU by people whose mission is to raze American institutions & undermine American culture with divisiveness.

We’re so glad that in 73 days this is all coming to an end.

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