I’m sure you’ve had countless suggestions and a ton of unsolicited advice, but please hear me out. There’s a doctor named John McDougall whose book, The Starch Solution, describes a starch-centered sustainable plant-based diet that makes people well, and the nice thing is the starch satiates cravings.

Then there’s a YouTuber who goes by the nom de guerre High-Carb Hannah. She produces videos prolifically, but the ones to watch are her before and after videos in which she describes the suicidal tailspin of depression her life was in before she started a healthy diet & lifestyle.

There are a maddening number of diets out there, all claiming to be the Messiah that will lead us out of the Waist Land (pardon pun), and most of them — keto, Paleo, carnivore, etc — descend from Dr Atkins anti-carb diet. They’re wrong. Carbs are not the enemy. Highly processed food, which often contains mostly carbs & sugars, is bad, but it’s not the carbs but the processing that creates the problem. Also proteins & cholesterol from animals inhibit our natural ability to process the simple sugars that or bodies derive from starches and carbohydrates.

So I don’t want to overwhelm you with ideas from Dr McDougall (The Starch Solution) and Dr Greger (How Not to Die) and others. I recommend Hannah’s video as an entry point because she can get you started on saving your life. Good luck!

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