If you meet the Buddha on the road…

The subversive message of Austin’s visual atrocities.

Burnet Road at rush hour with an impending storm.
An old Taco Bell that became a used car lot for a while. Now it’s vacant and tagged. Photo by author.
The neighborhood has become increasingly the stomping ground of people of dubious sanity. Photo by author.
A Burnet Road graffito on the side of a utility box: “[Name of Practitioner omitted] Life insurance scammer ISAS — Involuntary Suicide Assist Services forces [Vicki?] into accidental death!” I’ve cropped the top line with the innocent practitioner’s name to protect from this libel.
On a clothing donation box: “▮▮▮▮▮▮ (Hypnotist — Terrorist) — ISAS — Involuntary Suicide Assist Services / Targets poor w/o healthcare .. Erases memory of illegal surgery for Seaton [sic] Hospital and guides victim into accedental death for life insurance scam! The police do not care, who can help?”
Some subversive messages are positive. This graffito is on the side of a building about to be torn down to make room for something new, so the Cyclone Fence that appears to be holding the message prisoner is protecting a construction site.
The destruction of posters espousing radical politics belies the claim of freedom of speech.
The line for beer tickets at El Chilito’s Cinco de Mayo party, 2017. Photo by author.
El Chilito’s deck afforded diner’s a comfortable place to eat and shelter against both the elements and the rushing of Burnet Road. Photo by author.
Los Tacos Unidos mural by El Federico, painted on the wall of El Chilito and destroyed by taggers.
The newly closed Chilito with mural by El Federico, whose work combines the modern with traditional Hispanic iconography. The mural, once shaded by the deck, was now exposed to the elements. Photo by author.
Within days of El Chilito’s closing, the taggers struck, and one of them specifically hit the mural. Photo by author.
I have nothing but kudos for the bunny. Photo by author.
I’ve noticed many Buddha statues in people’s yards. Perhaps they are centerpieces in meditation gardens. This one is on my way home from Burnet Road.

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